Tuesday, April 20, 2010


the project aims to create a new experience that reminds us of our first drop of milk from our mother’s breast. The ‘udder-like’ liquid container enables the user to fill their glass by pulling and squeezing the teat. That gesture takes us back to the milking practice of a cow.
the product needs to be suspended to the ceiling or to be hung on the wall.
Pouch, is like a drop of wine falling; Food-grade silicon is soft and flexible and adapts perfectly to the free movements of liquid.
This modern material transforms the traditional ‘hard’ carafe into a malleable-fleshy container that reminds us of the udder’s texture.

It is suitable :
-For a wine degustation
-At the restaurant: for any liquid, in the air, on top of the table.
-At home: against the wall as a water jug