Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Bouquet

That is a present for one of my best friends 'Charlotte'. She got married this summer, to 'super-Nice-Mathieu' she met in Burkina Faso: it was a beautiful wedding. They are now living together in Abidjan, on the Ivory Cost. Africa!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tomorrow, it is Christmas!

Maybe Santa is having dinner on your roof ... Merry Christmas!!!!

Ponpon is cooking

That's my mom, cooking. She is very clumsy and her kitchen is falling apart. I made this drawing for her birthday... I was hesitating to add colors. finally, I did.
I don't know if she really liked it, but it is now in a frame, full of tomato juice, in her old kitchen.

In the bus- London

-In the morning, a man is waiting for the bus.
- the bus is coming, but it is rush hour: it is full. But he is in a hurry and gets into the bus, anxious.
-He is slowly creeping into the crowd, on the toes, looking for some air that he will not find.
-He found a place: pressed against two guys, like a piece of ham in a sandwich
-He is suddenly taken by an impulsive urge of crisps, probably because of the stress
What happens next? Just check on my Products' blog http://www.ete-odecaris.blogspot.com/, for the end of the story.

360 Tshirt

360 series- playful and unsided clothes for young children-